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There are good reasons why you will love planlicht.

Service Standards

Trust us!

We supply installation-friendly products. Our products bear 100% quality assurance. We meet mutually agreed delivery schedules.

Talk to us!

We are at your service from Mondays to Thursdays between 7.30 am to 5 pm and on Fridays between 7.30 am and 12 pm.

Contact Us!

We respond to your enquiries within one working day.

Make plans with us!

We complete your project planning within 4 working days.

Turnkey Luminaries

Do-it-yourselfers shop in DIY markets

At planlicht you get your luminaires completely assembled - at the point, right when you need them.

We produce luminaires, not handicraft sets

Planlicht luminaires leave our house completely assembled and previously tested and approved


Don’t search, find

On the packing of our luminaires you can find the place of the luminaire in your project. So you stay on the top of things.

Delivery date straight to the point

You choose the delivery date! Exactly when you want to mount our luminaires, you get them. Not earlier, not later. Because your project site is not a luminaire store.