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lili, lilibet & liha

Round and square

Efficiency, homogeneity and an ageless appearance – that are the ingredients for our flat luminaire lili, lilibet and liha. With up to 142 lm/W the round lili and the square liha are available as pendant, surface mount and recessed (with or without trim) luminaire. lili’s tender sister lilibet impresses with her lateral light distribution and a subtle housing ring of only 45mm hight. As pendant and surface mount fittings the trio also comes up as direct/indirect versions and the surface mount luminaires can be transformed to a pendant luminaire by adding a rod suspension or central cable suspensions.
To make sure everything is tidy and clean a cover plate for the indirect side of the pendant fittings is available.

lili, lilibet & liha Dimensions

lili, lilibet & liha Suspensions

slett & momo

slett, the Norwegian word for flat, describes the minimalistic housing height of 45 mm of slett and momo. With an optional recessed-mount frame the fitting can be mounted semi recessed which brings the effect of an even more minimalistic housing. While slett is available in the diameters 330, 420, 620 and 920 mm, momo with its 7 mm high cover (known from our ring luminaire halo with its lateral light distribution) restricts itself of 420 mm.
And because we are proud of it: in 2015 slett won the German Design Award…