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LF 830

3000K / CRI>80

LF 840

4000K / CRI>80

LF 927

2700K / CRI>90

LF 930

3000K / CRI>90

LF 935

3500K / CRI>90

LF 940

4000K / CRI>90


3000K / CRI>98


3250K / CRI>90


sausage pink


meat red


bread gold


fish blue


Multicolour spots in a line

anto+ – spots in a line. With almost endless possibilities anto+ shows up as recessed luminaire (even trimless), surface mount or as special inset for our profile fittings p.forty and pure 3. The tubes as well as the masks are provided in 10 different colours – matte or high-glossy. In several lengths (2, 4, 6, 8, 12 or 18 spots – insets also 30 spots) you can choose between the light colours 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and dynamic white (2700-6500K). With three emittance angles (15°, 30° and 45°) and an asymmetric version a high variability is guaranteed. And then there was this 90+ RAL of your choice colours thing…



diva comes up in two sizes as M and S, different reflector colours and once round and once square. diva M also shows up in an asymmetric version in round and square.



cosmo – recessed downlight, should live up to its name as a citizen of the world and bring ornament and order into the false ceilings of high-end lighting design around the world. Hard facts: 2 diameters, 2 reflectors in matt silver and matt black, lens optics 60°, UGR <19, CRI> 90, IP54 – in brief: subtle and beautiful!
Diameters: cosmo L 160 mm, cosmo XL 218 mm. Heights: cosmo L 100 mm, cosmo XL 126 mm.


the plain one

zenit L

3-phase track

zenit M

3-phase track

zenit S

3-phase track

zenit S

inset pure 3

zenit XS

inset pure 3

FOCUS zenit

spotlight series
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zenit – the plain one. The 3-phase track light zenit carries all its values inside. With its ECG inside the housing it offers endless possibilities to bring your light straight at the point in two sizes. With three emittance angles (23° / 40° / zenit L also 60°) and various LED boards from 2700K to 4000K with a CRI above 80 or 90 and the special LEDs for bakery, meat, sausage or fish up to a special Perfect Colour solution to meet highest demands, zenit does not leave any demands unsatisfied. With three power outputs the track light offers up to 2600 lm (zenit M) resp. 4000 lm (zenit L).
And for those who like it even more minimalistic there is the small brother zenit S (up to 1220 lm) as 3-phase track light or as surface mount spot on pure 3 and the very small zenit XS (up to 530 lm) as application for our profile system pure 3. Both also with golden anti glare cone.


the efficient one

meteor – the efficient one. In fact, the versatile one. Reduced to the bare essentials it proudly wears its components separated strictly and is not ashamed to show its values. So it allows 4 different power outputs and performs up to 4660lm, it offers three emittance angles (15°/26°/38°), light colours from 2700K to 4000K as well as special LEDs for bakery, meat, sausage and fish with a CRI close to the sun, optional accessories from honeycomb louvres and oval spot lenses to clear protective and blur glasses.
And because the requirements concerning light points are versatile meteor is available as 3-phase track light, surface mount and recessed spot light and as extensible spotlight “flip” – all of it with pan and tilt.

Recessed spotlights

the mixed ones


Useful for planlicht spotlights


Oval spot lens

Blur glass

Clear glass

All 3-phase track and surface-mount spotlights

All recessed spotlights

Insets for profiles

zenit S

inset pure 3

zenit XS

inset pure 3


inset pure 3/p.forty