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Light & Acoustic

In cooperation with the Tyrolean company Organoid Technologies a unique acoustic luminaire was created – p.quiet. With organoid surfaces (or on demand in straight light grey) a special atmosphere comes up by this connection of sound absorption and technical lighting by planlicht. And with sinus quiet we circled the square.


Acoustic Luminaires

WHITEPAPER: Acoustic Luminaires

About sound, noise and acoustically effective lighting

A Whitepaper to provide you a little insight into the world of acoustics, in particular, room acoustics for office work places. We try to implement a holistic approach towards Human Centric Lighting (HCL) and therefore, not only does the quality of light matter to us, but the entire quality of life and work surrounding is in our focus. PLANLICHT acoustic luminaires combine the dynamic-white lighting solutions which can be regulated according to the natural course of daylight with the requirements of room acoustics for an ideal surrounding – a combination of high melanopic and acoustic efficiency levels. A proper planning, is it for the lighting as well as for the acoustic solution, is the key to success. Not only the single luminaires, the single products, but the entire solution approach provides us with the desired results. Simply HCL.

Absorber Panel

wood-based sheet material 16 mm, acoustic perforation, wall distance 0 mm, acoustic dumping 50 mm (recessed), 80 mm (pendant)
Sound Absorber Class A
alpha(w) 0,90 (according to EN ISO 354)
Carrier panel: wood-based material MDF E1
Acoustic processing: invisible perforation, ca. 48% open cross-section
Variants: other surfaces and sizes on request

sinus quiet & p.quiet with light acoustic module

Luminaire housing made of extruded aluminium in round or square design with integrated acoustical absorption for regulation of reverberation time, available in 3 organoid types and standard surface in light grey.
High acoustic absorption (Class A, aw 0,90; EN ISO 354), Organoide® coating and light – from Tirol!

sinus quiet & p.quiet are available as pendant (direct/indirect) and recessed mounted LED luminaire. The housing colors are anodised aluminium (p.quiet) or powder-coated silver (sinus quiet), black or white. It offers various technical possibilities: 3000K or 4000K satined or microprismatic cover, DALI dimmable or non-dim.

From the heart of the Alps

Organoid coatings from Tirol

Organoid Technologies from the Tyrolean mountainside coats the acoustic panels with hand-picked materials. Beside the classics Wildspitze, wool and moss our quiet series can also be ordered on demand in several other extraordinary surfaces like flagrant jasmin or rose blossoms, like peppermint or tree bark or even filigree leaf skeletons.



The multi-layered scent with its light sweetness resembling honey hints at the vulnerability of the high-alpine nature, but also the freshness and coolness of the near glaciers.“ Thomas Bluth

High atop the hillsides of the Wildspitze, the highest mountain of Tirol, the fine alpine grasses are cut by hand at an altitude of 1,700 m above sea level, before being dried in the traditional way for several days in the sun. In addition to diverse grasses and mountain herbs, the mixture also includes arnica and daisies.



The clean freshness and the warm security of the fine wool inspire all senses like spring.“ Thomas Bluth

The wool from Tirol mountain sheep is washed and prepared carefully with machines nearly 100 years old, where the machines are driven by the power of a mountain stream via leather belts. This tradition is continued with the extensive manual work for assembly of the wool fleeces.



Moss coloured green.

FOCUS Acoustic

acoustic luminaires
sinus quiet & p.quiet

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Acoustic panel with organoidsurface “Wildspitze”. Sound absorbing dumping made of sleep wool for ideal acoustic effects.