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Light machine

up to 17.773 lm
up to 129 lm/W
up to 7.436 lm/m

The Rubenesque luminaire

This light, reflector and LED board has been specially designed for sports venues.

  • Maximum possible anti-glare
  • Very good room utilization factor
  • Less stray light
  • High efficiency through a reflector using the latest technology (it reflects light where you need it most)
  • Extremely high efficiency (Gross lumen output, LED board – luminaire)
  • “Intelligent” lighting through DALI control, different light scenes or customer requirements can be programmed to meet specific needs.
  • C.L.O. technology, as the LEDs age converter output increases to maintain a Constant Lumen Output with an estimated duration of 10 years at the required lumen output.
  • C.L.O. saves energy by running at lower than maximum values for most of the luminaire’s life.

By using different reflectors (symmetric & asymmetric) an individual lighting concept can be made for the respective sport and gymnasium.

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