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Ban on the Fluorescent Lamp


Fluorescent and halogen lamps are on the brink of extinction: the RoHS Directive of the European Union (2011/65/EU) and the Ecodesign EU Regulation 2019/2020 ensure that no more lamps and tubes of this type can be sold in the near future.

LED lamps and luminaires are the perfect alternative and score points for their energy efficiency, long service life and resulting sustainability.

Overview of all dates

Placing fluorescent lamps on the market will be banned in various phases during the year.

Phase 1 | 25.02.2023:

  • Ban on compact fluorescent lamps (with plug-in base, CFLni)
  • Ban on ring-shaped fluorescent lamps (T5, T9)

Phase 2 | 25.08.2023:

  • Ban on linear fluorescent lamps (T5, T8)

Phase 3 | 01.09.2023:

  • Ban on high-voltage halogen pins (G9)
  • Ban on low-voltage halogen pins (G4; GY6.35)


With PLANLICHT, switching to LED lighting is no problem:

  • Light bulb replacement | Retrofit: In the PLANLICHT catalogue “PLANtech Edition 2023” (from page 84) you can find suitable LED retrofit bulbs.
  • pure 2 refurbishment kit: In May 2023 PLANLICHT presents a refurbishment kit for the pure 2 profile luminaire (direct).
  • Converting to LED luminaires: All architectural lighting solutions & luminaires from PLANLICHT are based on state-of-the-art LED technologies.
    cosmo and leda from PLANLICHT, for example, are perfect replacements for downlights with a ceiling cut-out of ∅ 200mm.

Coming soon | pure 2 refurbishment kit (direct)